On October 8, 2014, Governor Dannel P. Malloy announced that the University of Bridgeport would be funded $2.2 million toward the design and construction of a new microgrid through the second round of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) Microgrid Pilot Program grants, totaled at $5.1 million. The University of Bridgeport’s microgrid will help keep critical buildings and facilities in Bridgeport powered even when the grid goes down, such as during a storm or other weather calamity.

UB’s microgrid will be powered by a 1.4MW fuel cell and will provide power, as needed, to select campus buildings, including the dining hall, recreation center, student center, police station, and two residence halls. The buildings have the capacity to provide shelter and the dining hall food service to up to 2,700 city residents and emergency responders.

Governor Malloy indicated that all residents of Bridgeport would benefit as “they will keep lights on and the power running at critical locations even when the lights go out elsewhere.” He added, “Microgrids are an essential part of our strategy to make certain we can better withstand the type of catastrophic storms we have experienced in recent years — and the extended loss of power that accompanies them.”

For more information, please visit Governor Malloy’s website.