University of Bridgeport School of Engineering students have been awarded every award possible at the 2013 American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) conference, the school announced today.

Students won first-, second-, and third-place prizes—a feat they’ve accomplished before. But this year they also won all six ASEE’s graduate research poster prizes.

“This is unprecedented, and it speaks volumes about the innovation, quality, and dedication of the School of Engineering students and their supervising faculty!” said Tarek Sobh, dean of the engineering school.

Winning entries include:

  • First Place: Student Laiali Almazaydeh, advised by faculty member Khaled Elleithy and Miad Faezipour, for “SVM-Based Sleep Apnea Identification using Optimal RR- Interval Features of the ECG Signal.”
  • Second Place: Student Isam Hameed, advised by faculty member Buket Barkana, for “Blood Vessel Segmentation in Retinal Images with a Novel Network Tracking Algorithm.”
  • Third Place: Students Nazar A. Fadhil and Deleer S. Saber, advised by faculty member Prabir Patra, for “Power Harvesting from Arteries Using Nano-scale PVDF for Implanted Devices.”
  • Fourth Place: Students Can Ozan Gulcihan and Ece Haznedaroglu, advised by faculty member Elif Kongar, for “Reverse Logistics Operation Management via Radi Frequency Identification-Based (RFID-Based) Information Network for End-of-Life Pharmaceutical Products.”
  • Fifth Place: Students Deleer S. Saber and Nazar A. Fadhil, advised by faculty member Prabir Patra, for “Intravascular Multilayered Glucose Sensor for an Artificial Pancreas.”
  • Sixth Place: Student Xiaowei, advised by faculty member Xingguo Xiong, for “Voltage-Downscaling with Logic Shut-Down for Low-Power VLSI Design.”

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