The Commons
 is a faculty-essay series published by the School of Arts and Sciences on topics that address a general audience in order to encourage the sharing of ideas, increase the dialogue among disciplines, and enrich the life of the University through inter-disciplinary engagement among faculty and students across campus.

Enjoy each essay below, and if you are a member of faculty at the University of Bridgeport (in any discipline), please download our Submission Guidelines (PDF). Thank you for your interest!


My Long Awaited Homecoming (PDF)
by Yanmin Yu, Ph.D. 
Professor, Chair for Mass Communication and Global Media and Communication Studies
(University of Bridgeport, 2016)


The Mindfulness Revolution (PDF)
by Donna Oropall
Lecturer of Human Services
(University of Bridgeport, 2015)


Resident Alien (PDF)
by Roxie Ray, Director, First Year Studies and Academic Resource Center
(University of Bridgeport, 2015)


Unspoken Connections: How I Learned to Love Punctuation (PDF)
by Amy Nawrocki, Senior Lecturer of English
(University of Bridgeport, 2014)


Yours Truly: The Practice of Writing Letters (PDF)
by Eric D. Lehman, Senior Lecturer of English
(University of Bridgeport, 2014)


Why We Learn: What Can Ethology Tell Us About Educating Social Animals (PDF)
by Kathleen Engelmann, Professor of Biology
(University of Bridgeport, 2012)2)


Variations on a Schubert Commute (PDF)
by Jeffrey Johnson, Assistant Provost for Student Success
(University of Bridgeport, 2012)


The Cave (PDF)
by Timothy Eves, Associate Professor of Philosophy
(University of Bridgeport, 2012)

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