UB Breakthroughs

UB Breakthroughs magazine provides readers with a glimpse into the innovative, interdisciplinary research being conducted by UB faculty and students.

Inside each issue, you will find a range of stories covering projects across all academic disciplines: Find out how UB worked with NASA to design and develop a specialized tool to be used in space. See how one UB researcher studies indigenous plants used to treat cancer and HIV. Read about the investigation into the link between proprioception and pain. Or learn how reading and science are unlikely allies in the quest to improve literacy in a high minority, high poverty urban school.

Whatever your interest, you will be impressed by the research endeavors taking place at the University of Bridgeport.

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Editor: Christine Hempowicz, Ed.D.

Production Director: Larry Orman

Designer: Creative Partners

Photographer: Kazuhiro Shoji

UB Breakthroughs magazine is published annually by the Division of Graduate Studies and Research at the University of Bridgeport.
Please send comments to: research@bridgeport.edu.