Whole Foods and the University of Bridgeport Division of Health Sciences will host a free wellness seminar, with samples of healthy snacks, on Tuesday, April 17 to help consumers learn more about diet, stress, and other vital issues affecting their health.

The event begins at 6 p.m. in room 100 in the UB College of Chiropractic building, 75 Linden Avenue, Bridgeport. To reserve a seat, please call (203) 576-4978 or e-mail lminervi@bridgeport.edu.

Karen Siclare, who is assistant director of the Human Nutrition Institute at the University of Bridgeport, will speak about nutrient density, metabolism, and stress. She will be joined by Deb Prosek, a healthy-eating specialist from Whole Foods. Both will be available to answer questions during the seminar and healthy snacks will be provided by Whole Foods.
Media contact: Leslie Geary, (203) 576-4625, lgeary@bridgeport.edu