University of Bridgeport team wins Regional Stock Market Competition; victory extends school’s top-three winning streak since 2004.

From left: UB business school students Chenlei Shi, Wen Shi , Yiding Feng, Assistant Dean Ward Thrasher, Professor Steven Rashba, and Dean Paul Lerman check the students’ investment returns at the close of trading on Friday, December 17, when they won the Regional Stock Market Game sponsored by SIFMA Foundation for Investor Education.

A team of MBA students from the University of Bridgeport has won the Regional Stock Market Game in which competitors invest a hypothetical $100,000 over ten weeks and strive to out-perform both each other, as well as the overall stock market, as measured by the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index.

The competition is held each fall and spring, and is sponsored by SIFMA Foundation for Investor Education.

The most recent game ran from October 11-December 17. Teams from the University of Bridgeport have placed in the top three spots of the competition since 2004.

Business school students Yiding Feng, Wen Shi, and Chenlei Shi won the competition on Friday by finishing with $114,327 and beating the benchmark S&P 500 by 7.56 percent. They were advised by professor Steven Rashba.

A second team from the UB School of Business came in third with $106,774.

The latest round of competition drew 28 teams from various schools including Trinity College, University of New Haven, George Washington University, and University of Maryland.

“The key to the success of this team was their market research and effective, ongoing communication,” said UB professor Steven Rashba, the team’s adviser. “Only two other teams beat the index. They did extremely well.”

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