The finish line at University of Bridgeport will no doubt be a beautiful sight to a group of runners who on Thursday, November 17 will wrap up a 3,250 mile race across the United States that was organized to promote natural health care.

A concurrent health fair to help support the runners’ cause will be held the same day at the Wheeler Recreation Center, 400 University Avenue, Bridgeport, just steps away from the finish line.  The fair takes place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and is free and open to all.

The Run, as it has been called, is the first-ever endurance event organized to raise awareness about natural medicine. It was conceived of by Drs. Rebecca Asmar and Dennis Godby, naturopathic doctors who began their transcontinental run in San Francisco on July 17. Since then, the two, who are being joined by family members, have run 30 miles a day on average.

As they make their way across the U.S., Asmar and Godby said they hope to raise awareness about natural medicine and “transform the nation’s health” by launching a grassroots movement to make naturopathic health care more readily available to all Americans.

They will arrive in New York City on November 11 before finishing their last leg of The Run at UB, which is an official sponsor of the event.

Local runners are invited to join the duo as they make their way to the UB campus. To participate, and to find out more about The Run, go to
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