Quick! Name that enzyme! UB students did, and won, at NMSA

After five rounds of intense competition, College of Naturopathic Medicine students place second at national event

UB Clinics

A team of University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine students has won second place at the Naturopathic Medical Student Association Competition, an annual event that draws collegiate teams from across the country.

This year’s competition began with eight teams. It was held from July 12 – 15 in Phoenix, AZ.

Fast, fun, and not without some pressure, the Jeopardy-style event gives naturopathic students only a few seconds to answer a broad array of questions, ranging from identifying various enzymes in glycolysis to knowing which specific vitamins that are depleted by chronic alcoholism to correctly naming pharmaceuticals prescribed for chronic reflux and other ailments.

UB team members Derek Reilly, Angel Abraham, Jessica Samaroo, and Ashlyn Zikmund were coached by College of Naturopathic Medicine Clinical Assistant Professor Kimberly Sanders ND.

“This competition is a great way for the profession to come together as a whole and show what each school is made of,” said Sanders.”As a small naturopathic school, Bridgeport wants to prove that we have great training and top-notch medical knowledge.”

Angel Abraham, who was named the team’s MVP, said: “It was amazing to see how much we’ve learned as individuals. We were not only proficient in biomedical sciences, we were also giving answers about homeopathy, botanical medicines, hydrotherapy—things like that. It speaks to the quality of our ND education.”

Previous UB College of Naturopathic Medicine teams have won First Place three times during the competition’s 10-year history (in 2010, 2011, and 2012), more than any other school.

About the College of Naturopathic Medicine:  Since 2001, the College of Naturopathic Medicine curriculum has introduce students to traditional biomedical sciences with the latest developments in genomics and molecular biology. Integrated course content is reinforced with case studies as students learn and practice natural therapeutic, then apply them to patient care under the guidance and supervision of experienced naturopathic physicians.

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