Noted educator and bestselling author Ken Bain will be the keynote speaker at the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching’s Summer Institute on Wednesday, May 26.

Bain’s presentation, “How Do the Best College Teachers Foster Deep Learning?” will be held in the Tower Room from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the Arnold Bernhard Arts and Humanities Center, 84 Iranistan Avenue, Bridgeport. His presentation is a highly interactive workshop designed to help faculty cultivate deep approaches to learning.

The event is free and open to any faculty and staff from UB or other universities or colleges, but reservations are required. To participate, please contact the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at (203) 576-2386 by May 20.

Ken Bain is the Vice Provost, Professor of History, and Director of the Research Academy for University Learning at Montclair State University. He also is a founding director of the Centers for Teaching Excellence at New York University, Northwestern University, and Vanderbilt.

His book What the Best College Teachers Do was written after Bain spent 15 years in college classrooms, observing teachers who have been enormously successful in helping students to achieve outstanding learning results. Publishers Weekly said the book “abounds with jaunty anecdotes and inspiring opinions that make student-centered instruction look not only infectious but downright imperative.”
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