Atlantic Wire, the website from the publisher of Atlantic Monthly magazine, has selected an article by University of Bridgeport professor Steve Hess as one of its “Five Best” columns that it disseminates daily to promote “ideas that matter most.”

Hess’s article, “Why Wasn’t There a Chinese Spring?”, examines how China’s economic, geopolitical, and social structures have discouraged the kind of sweeping unrest currently unsettling much of the Arab world.

It originally ran in The Diplomat, an international current-affairs magazine for the Asia-Pacific region and online at

Hess is an assistant professor at the University’s College of Public and International Affairs, where he teaches graduate classes in East Asian and Pacific Rim Studies.

Atlantic reposted Hess’s story with articles by New York Times columnist Paul Krugman; Michael Daly of The Daily Best; Heather McRobie, a writer at The Guadian (UK); and Ryan Avent, an economics correspondent at The Economist.

“We look across the spectrum of influencers for the best conversation-starters and news, and this caught our eye as something that’s definitely a part of the conversation that smart people are having on the web and elsewhere,” said Atlantic editor Matt Sullivan.

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