UB’s Faculty Research Day 2017 engages scholars on campus and around the world

Revisit FRD 2017 featuring 170 posters, 10 UB schools, 14 interviews and more

Faculty Research Day 2017
The University or Bridgeport's 7th Annual Faculty Research Day was held on March 24, 2017 and viewed around the world via Livestream.

On March 24, 2017, the University of Bridgeport hosted its annual Faculty Research Day, an interdisciplinary endeavor engaging student and faculty scholars from across campus. More than 300 were registered for the event, which was viewed around the world via Livestream, reaching viewers in Saudi Arabia, India, Jordan, Egypt, Spain, Brazil, and Vietnam as well as scattered onlookers throughout the United States.

The record-breaking on-campus attendance packed the Schelfhaudt Gallery all day, where 170 faculty, Ph.D., graduate, and undergraduate posters were displayed alongside select posters from Bridgeport’s Fairchild Wheeler Interdistrict Magnet High School, and where the reception and awards were presented in late afternoon. In between, visitors and participants gathered at the Arnold Bernhard Center for the Arts & Humanities’ Littlefield Recital Hall before lunch for the Keynote Address–delivered by Dr. Donald H. Sebastian, President and CEO of New Jersey Innovation Institute–and after lunch for the Seed Money Grant Awardees Symposium.

Faculty Research Day 2017 was captured in photos by University Photographer Kazuhiro Shoji:

The posters featured research findings from the following UB schools:

Revisit the day’s events, commentary, and interviews through the videos below:

Faculty Research Day 2017 Winners

Faculty Competitive Winners

  • Ioana Badara
  • Lesley Frame
  • Michael Lohle
  • Chunjuan (Nancy) Wei

Doctoral Winners

  • First Place, Razan Abdulhammed
  • Second Place, Eugene Gerety
  • Third Place, Paul Gruhn

Graduate Winners

  • First Place, Shrishti Singh
  • Second Place, Evelin Perez Maldonado
  • Third Place, Akhilesh Borgaonkar


  • First Place, Nicole Valentine
  • Second Place, Veronic Celone
  • Third Place, Priscilla Matthew

Honorable Mention

  • Justin Collado
  • Samuel Ojetola
  • Oluwatosin Akegbejo Samsons

Faculty Research Day 2017

(L-R): Nicole Valentine, 1st Place Undergraduate; Shrishti Singh, 1st Place Graduate, Sandra Stramoski RDH, MSDH, Poster Advisor; Dr. Isaac Macwan, Poster Advisor; Dr. Lesley Frame, Faculty Competitive; Dr. Prabir Patra, Poster Advisor; Dr. Khaled Elleithy, Poster Advisor; Dr. Richard Yelle, Poster Advisor;  Justin Collado, Honorable Mention; Dr. Tarek Sobh; Chunjuan (Nancy) Wei; Samuel Ojetola, Honorable Mention; Paul Gruhn, 3rd Place Doctoral; Dr. Linda Paslov, Poster Advisor; Oluwatosin Akegbejo Samsons, Honorable Mention; Dr. Robert Riggs

Faculty Research Day Poster List

Interested in research and scholarship at UB? Scroll below for a full list of all posters that were on display at the University of Bridgeport’s Faculty Research Day 2017, along with the names of our faculty and student scholars and associated schools.


  • FC, Faculty Competitive
  • FNC, Faculty Non-Competitive
  • UG, Undergraduate Student
  • G, Graduate Student
  • D, Doctoral Student

Faculty Competitive Posters

Poster NumberName (First)Name (Last)StatusUB College/SchoolPoster Title
1AbdelshakourAbuzneidFCSchool of EngineeringFortified End-To-End Anonymity and Location Privacy Using IoT
2IoanaBadaraFCSchool of EducationThe Influence of Emotional States on Short-Term Memory Retention by Using Electroencephalography (EEG) Measurements: A Case Study
3LesleyFrameFCSchool of EngineeringDistortion in Heat Treated Tube: A Materials Engineering Approach
4JoanneGuoFCSchool of BusinessQuantitative Easing and U.S. Financial Asset Returns
5MichaelLohleFCSchool of BusinessKnowledge Management using Student Feedback: A Study of Online Students’ Lived Experience on Virtual Teams
6PhilipMayminFCSchool of BusinessWhen Can You Pick Up Fallen Fruit?
7MuhammadUddinFCSchool of EngineeringPredicting Educational Relevance For an Efficient Classification of Talent
8Petervan GeldernFCCollege of Public and International AffairsThe Mongol House Project
9Chunjuan NancyWeiFCCollege of Public and International AffairsMaking Waves: Recent Developments of the South China Sea Disputes

School of Arts and Sciences 

Poster NumberName (First)Name (Last)StatusPoster Title
10MaximeAltidorUGPhysical and Emotional Impacts of Paternal Absence on Young Men in College
11VeronicaCeloneUGThe Effectiveness of Current Urinalysis Reflex Criteria on Urine Cultures
12AllenIzaUGThe Extraction of Hops for Inhibition of Bacterial Growth
154FridaRandenUGUse of GAP Programming to Create Matrix Rings
13MeredithBaroneGSocial Construction of the Abuse Experience: Traumatic Bonding or Co-Dependency?
14SashaCollinsGSex Trafficking Awareness among Emergency Department Staff and Healthcare Providers
15DavidGantGExploring the Relationship Between Self-assessment of a Meditation Experience and Physiological Changes to Participants’ Brains
16JosephGuarneriGExploring the Developmental Outcomes of First-Year Experience Seminars (in-progress)
17JeffreyHarrisGThe Fight Against Colorism in the Black Community
18RebeccaLambGA Sense of Purpose, Place, and Community at Sacred Heart University
19DavidKraftFNCEvolution of Asteroid Orbits in a Restricted Three-Body Formulation
20NicoleValentineUGDetermining Stress Tolerance of H. dujardini Subjected to Extreme Conditions

Ernest C. Trefz School of Business

Poster NumberName (First)Name (Last)StatusPoster Title
153Sai SindhujaChopparapuUGWhat is Green Accounting?
21JideAfonGBuilding CSR and Ethical Values into  Organizational Culture
22SarahAndrade RosaGInfluence of a Coach’s Salary on a NCAA’s DI Football Team’s Winning %
23AlenCheryGAre Homicides Rising or Falling in U.S. Cities?
24RebeccaCiulloGJetBlue v. Delta: Battle of the Baggage
25ShirlinHigginsGFirst Generation Students in Higher Education
26RoudabehJamshid EiniGDoes Data Support Trump’s Claim that Unauthorized Immigrants Cause Rising Crime Rates?
27FNUKishan ChandraGOrganizational Behaviors Inspired from the Wilderness
28JingLiuGTrade Openness and Emerging Stock Markets
29AnthonyLopezGThe Effects of Sustained Cognitive Dissonance and Perceived Inequity on Employees
30ZulfanaMaknojiaGUnintentional Injury Related Deaths in USA
31ZulfanaMaknojiaGOrganizational Culture: A Business Imperative
32BasmaMohamedGThe Most Important Predictors to the IMDB Movies US Box Office Success
33OnyowoichoObekpaGMeasuring Cross-Culture Variance:  Examining the Use of across Chinese and American Student Populations
34PhoebePattersonGShattering The Glass Ceiling: It’s Long Overdue
35EvelinPerez MaldonadoG2017 Super Bowl LI Best Marketing Trends
36RajeevRathoreGEducation Level and Jobs: State by State Opportunities in USA
37PrachandaThakuriGFIFA World Cup Stats
38ViktoriaTkachenkoGWhat Not to Do: The “Don’t’s” of Slides: How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes When Preparing PowerPoint Presentations
39UlviVerdizadaGFake News on Facebook and Public Reaction
40JufangYanGChina’s Capital Outflow
41TimothyDorrFNCCity of Bridgeport: Seeding Southend Commercial Infrastructure
42LloydGibsonFNCLeadership Potential of Asian and American Business and Non-Business Students
43JoanneGuoFNCQuantitative Easing and Emerging Markets
44FrederickHarmonFNCNonprofit Sector, Latest Accounting Advances
45Gew-RaeKimFNCImmigration and Economy
46MarcLewisFNCAn Exploration of Overconfidence in the Utilization of Financial Advisors
47EdwardLisiFNCOrganizational Behavior Meets Marketing – Increasing Productivity with Art in the Workplace
48SamuelLotaFNCTop 10 Most Effective Marketing Strategies in Business to Consumer Marketing (B2C)
49PhilipMayminFNCFrom Noob to Smurf:  Advanced Analytics  for League of Legends
50CarriePicardiFNCOrganizational Structure’s Relationship to Job Satisfaction: Moderating Effects of Personality
51TimothyRaynorFNCPart Time Faculty’s Enforcement of Academic Integrity Policies
52RobertToddFNCMoving From Making Money to Creating Wealth
53NikkiWingateFNCThe Influence of Mortality Focus on Guilt Advertising Effectiveness
54NikkiWingateFNCThe Effect of Word-of-Mouth Communications on Consumer Fairness Perceptions
55NikkiWingateFNCFairness Management: China, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea
56CongshengWuFNCA Looming US-China Trade War

College of Public and International Affairs

Poster NumberName (First)Name (Last)StatusPoster Title
57HamadAlsaeedUGSino-Saudi Relations: Geopolitics, Energy, Taiwan, and Chinese Muslims
58LouiseOvnerUGWomen’s Empowerment through Promotion of Menstrual Hygiene Management
59ChristianPetersonUGThe Lord of the Rings Trilogy Exceeds in Cultivating Fine Art Through the Medium of Film
60PedroRamosUGThe Impact of Music on Short Term Memory and Cognitive Processes
61KristinaSmithUGKorea: The Divided Peninsula
62JonathanStuppleUGAssessing Causes for the Poor State of Women’s Rights in Egypt
63OluwatosinAkegbejo SamsonsGImpact of Microcredit on the Poor in Sierra-Leone
64HassanAwwadGMain Obstacles to Turkey’s Accession to the European Union
65SwechhyaBhattaraiGWomen Refugee Crisis
66MarissaDelgadoGThe Rights of the Fated
67DaphneeNazonGSoft Power of Korean Culture
68MartinaSantiaGClimate-Induced Displacement in Small Island Developing States: The Next Threat to Global Governance?
69MohammedAl-AzdeeFNCBias Toward Chiropractic: Effects of Frame Salience in Globalized Media on Google PageRank
70RebeccaBruckensteinFNCDrug Cartels and Corruption: How to Stem Violence and Corruption in Mexico
71RobertRiggsFNCGlobal Networks, Local Concerns: Investigating the Impact of Emerging Technologies on Shi‘i Religious Leaders and Constituencies
72Petervan GeldernFNCCollaborative Student Learning in a Creative Agency Environment
73Petervan GeldernFNCDigital Storytelling with Augmented Reality
74ThomasWardFNCThe Comfort Women Controversy (Cont.) Korea vs. Taiwan
75QianruYangFNCSinology Education & Traditional Chinese Cultural Heritage
76QianruYangFNCHistory through Film: A New Subject of  History Studies for Teaching in China
77YanminYuFNCComparative Analysis of the Core Values among Different Groups of Chinese People

School of Education

Poster NumberName (First)Name (Last)StatusPoster Title
78CaseyCummingsDBest Instructional Practices for English Language Learners: A Program Evaluation
79PaulGruhnDOnline Education: What works! What doesn’t! — A Mixed Methods Program Evaluation
80ThomasChristFNCMixed Methods and Action Research:  Methodologies for Special Education
81NancyDeJarnetteFNCPreschool STEAM: Yes They Can!
82NelsonNgohFNCThe Place of Earth and Space Science and Engineering Design in the Next Generation Science Standards
83LindaPaslovFNCKnow Your Audience: Effectively Communicating the Results of a Pre-engineering Program


School of Engineering

Poster NumberName (First)Name (Last)StatusPoster Title
84PatricioFloresUGLow Cost Home Automation
155XuanZhangUGAn 8-bit Low Power Energy Recovery Full Adder Design
85OlumideAdebayoGSocial Media Big Data Approach to Emotional Intelligence
86ElyasAlhazmiGOptimized Irrigation System of Water Conservation Using WSN Systems
87NupurBaisakhiyaGCloud Bleeding-Typos Leaking Your Information
88SoumitaBanerjeeGDoes Unemployment Influence Mass Shootings on the USA
89GraceBekeGDemystifying McCarthy’s 4 P’s Of The Marketing Mix: To Be Or Not To Be
90AkhileshBorgaonkarGTrends Analysis of Vehicle Collisions using  Hadoop and Spark
91IshitaChoudhuryGSeparation and Characterization of Cells with Varying Magnetic Nanoparticle Concentration
92SumanthaDoddabyadarahalli ShivalinguGData Privacy- AES Using Secure Hashing
93Abul HasanFazulullahGSecure Transmission with Matrix Encryption and Data Compression Mechanism
94Ogo OluwaFolorunsoGRole of Media Publics in the Implementation Of New Technologies
95UsmanHalimGTemperature Controlled 3D Bio-Printing Using Polymeric Ink
96Kavya ChandrikaHemmanurGGraphene Patterned Microchip for Colorectal Cancer detection
97ChidiIgwehGRapid Detection Of Active Tuberculosis Using Coal Derived Quantum Dots
98AbdulhameedJastaniyahGThe Importance of Multimedia in Information Revolution
99Sai TejaKadiyalaGSecurity/Privacy in Health Care Monitoring Using Wireless Sensor Networks
101KaranKakanur PatelGHigh Altitude Thermal Control
102AnkaraoKalluriGSynthesis and Fabrication of Graphene Quantum Dots-Polypyrrole (GQDs-PPy) Nanocomposites in Bioengineering  Applications  as Supercapacitors and Fluorescent Probes
103NoumanKhanGDesign and Installation of a Direct Exchange Ground Source Heat Pump System
104Muhammad BahauddinKhanGAuto Student Attendance System Using Student ID Card via Wi-Fi
105SumanKhatriGHemolytic Disease of the New Born- Erythroblastosis Fetalis
106KshitijKolhatkarGRadiosensitization & Hyperthermia as Cancer Therapy
107Prashant DnyaneshwarManeGStudy and Analysis of the Shaping Tool Fixture
108Sharath KumarMarriGStudy on Transient Thermal Analysis of a Disc Brake  During Braking and Releasing Periods
109TejeshMarsaleGTemperature Controlled 3D Bio-printing Using Bio-polymeric Ink
110Prasad PrakashModiGBig Data Approach to Traffic Violation Data Analytics
111KrishnenduMukherjeeGDesign Of An Active CPU Cooler Incorporating Heat Spreader
112Ajay MenonMuralidharGHeating Oil Level Detection and Assistance Using Amazon Alexa
113NehaNomulaGAuthentication Using Voice Recognition and Timestamp OTP
114SamuelOjetolaGModelling and Mitigation of Switching Transients From Inductive Load
115AdeolaOyebolaGEvaluating and Improving Marketing Productivity
116RanjeetPokharelGMechanical Properties of Novel Bionanocomposites
117GayathriPuranikGWearables for Anaphylaxis
118Vivek AnantRautGDesign, Analysis and Fabrication of Thermoacoustic Refrigeration
119Richard JohnsonSelvarajGAircraft Structure Manufacturing Using 3D Printing to Reduce Material Loss




GAnalysis of Emergent Electronic Properties of Self-assembling Nucleopeptides




GInteraction between Nucleoside diphosphate kinase and Graphene oxide and Its Impact on Cardiovascular Diseases
122ShrishtiSinghGStudy of Interactions between Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes and a Flagellin-specific Library of Tripeptides
123AlagappanSolayappanGEnergy Efficient Routing Protocols and Efficient Bandwidth Techniques in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
124ShivaSundaramGUB CanSat Competition 2017
125Tejas ShivajiTharkudeGReview of Low Temperature Air Generation   from Vehicle Suspension System
126Abhinay SuhasTodmalGDesign of an Active CPU Cooler Incorporating Heat Spreader
127MarvinXavierselvanGFPGA based Directional Control of MTB cells for Bioengineering Applications
128RazanAbdulhammedDDetecting Malicious Behavior for the Sensors and Actuators Embedded in Medical Devices:  A Hardware Approach
129AbdulbastAbushgraDSSK Initiated by Third Party and Superposition Submissions
130AdwanAlanaziDEnergy Efficient QoS Routing Protocol for Handling Hidden Nodes in in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
131ReemAlataasDFully Autonomous Reproduction Robotic System
132AbdulrahmanAldhaheriDEvent Detection on Large Social Media Using Temporal Analysis
133HussainAlhassanDA Study on the Performance of IEEE 802.16-2004 Includes STBC
134MuneerAlshowkanDDeterministic And Efficient Three-party Quantum Key Distribution
135QassimBani HaniDSecure and Strong Mobile Cloud Authentication
136AnasBushnagDSource Anonymity in WSNs using Real/Fake Packet Injections
137GaziDumanDBig Data Analytics in Supply Chain Management: A Literature Review on Supply Chain Analytics
138WafaElmannaiDA Highly Accurate and Reliable Data Fusion Framework for Guiding Visually Impaired
139EugeneGeretyDContext-Free Decoding of High-Density 2D Bit Fields with Alias Disambiguation
140ZakareyaLasefrDAn Efficient Automated Technique and Smartphone Application for Epilepsy Seizure Detection Using EEG signals
141ReemMahjoubDGrid-based Model for Recovery of Lost Connectivity in Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks
142Suparshya BabuSukhavasiDCMOS Technology in Sensing Fields
143OmarAbuzaghlehFNCData Visualization and Analysis Using R
144MiadFaezipourFNCReal Time Sleep Detection System Using  New Statistical Features of the Single EEG Channel
145JeongkyuLeeFNCOmnidirectional Panoramic Stitch Algorithm using SURF
146ZhengLiFNCComputer Aided Modeling and Simulation of Pressure Vessel Design
147JaniPallisFNCAutomatic Gait Balance Detection System
148AliciaPetrykFNCIron oxide Nanoparticle Enhancement of Ionizing Radiation Cancer Therapy
149MuhammadUddinFNCPredicting Educational Relevance For an Efficient Classification of Talent
150PeiqiaoWuFNCDesign of Self-cycling QCA Multiplier
151XingguoXiongFNCBiochip with Cu-Graphene Glassy Carbon Electrode  for Glucose Sensing
152LinfengZhangFNCThe Future of the District Heating System at the University of Bridgeport

Acupuncture Institute

Poster NumberName (First)Name (Last)StatusPoster Title
156JenniferBrettFNCAcupuncture Needle Counting – An Observational Study

College of Naturopathic Medicine

Poster NumberName (First)Name (Last)StatusPoster Title
157FrankSong, Jr.GWallerian Degeneration Surveyed in Poliomyelitis

College of Chiropractic

Poster NumberName (First)Name (Last)StatusPoster Title
158AlexisKantorDHand Flexor Tendon Injuries Involving the A2 and A4 Pulleys in Rock Climbers
159ChristopherGoodFNCStandardizing the Chiropractic Technique Curriculum:   Consensus Results of Two Inter-Collegiate Workshops
160EmmettHughesFNCComparing the Hyaluronan Content of Fascia at Centers of Coordination (CCs) and non-CCs

Fones School of Dental Hygiene

Poster NumberName (First)Name (Last)StatusPoster Title
161AmandaGenoveseUGOral Cancer Screening Habits Performed by  Registered Dental Hygienists
162PriscillaMathewUGExploring Contributing Factors to Oral Health Disparities Seen Among Adult Immigrants

Shintaro Akatsu School of Design

Poster NumberFirst Author-NameName (Last)StatusPoster Title
163JustinColladoUGSmart Inhaler: A Modern Medical Device
164MeghanKennedyUGVisitability Creating Inclusive Communities
165PippaEllisGRethink Connecticut’s Tidal Salt Marsh Restoration Efforts
166HusseinHusseinGUniversity of Bridgeport Innovation Center
167JingweiKangGKubtec – Medical Imaging
168YanjinlkhamMunkhbatGHope for Haiti: Enriching Relationships with Design Thinking
169AliceScalfiGUpper Extremity Prosthetics: Designing A Life Without Limits
170GaryMunchFNCJardim Bravia:  A Visual Analogue to Beta-amyloid Entanglement Expressed in a Typeface  Using Pseudo-random OpenType Glyph Selection and Replacement